Guidance for leaders

We are entirely dependent on our leaders volunteering to organise rides. Without them we would have no rides progamme at all.

If you wish to lead a ride, please send the details to the relevant ride coordinator, who will publish it on the website (if you have not led a ride before, note that you must be a Cycling UK member to do so).

We now have WhatsApp groups for 2*, 3* and 4* leaders where new rides may be suggested and discussed before being published on the website. If you wish to join. contact the relevant ride coordinator. It is of course not essential to be in these groups to lead a ride!

We now have a booking system allowing riders to book directly via the website, so there is no need for you to inform us afterwards who has been out (unless someone is booked and doesn't turn up on the day). As the leader, you will get an email when the first person books, and when the ride is full. You can also request a list of bookings (by email) at any other time.

In the very unlikely event of an accident having occurred during the ride, please complete an Incident Report Form, and let our Secretary know that you've done so .