Minor updates for routes

I was wondering about updating previous versions of my routes.

For example, on my last ride I had made a map creation error of sending the route 360 degrees around a roundabout before taking the correct exit, and then later I found a way to replace a few hundred meters of main road with a lane.

Sometimes I add a photograph of road conditions (not the sunset).

Is there a way for me to maintain maps that I've previously submitted?  Is there any point submitting very minor alterations to one of the web admins?


  • In theory, you can send the relevant ride co-ordinator the updated route. But the additional faff might not be appreciated. Photos can be included in  RwGPS plot, but you'll then have to keep that available as a link forever. In all probability it will be you re-using your route. If someone else used it I would expect them to check it and alter as they think fit.
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