Not Inn!

Nine of us met up early on a Spring Sunday morning at Marylebone Station for our 'helter skelter' ride up and down The Chiltern Hills in Bucks. The weather prospects looked promising as the early morning sun shone through, it was a nice change from the relentless wet and miserable weather of late.

Our spirits were not dampened as as it became a little overcast on our journey out by train to Chalfont Latimer to start our ride, at least it was not raining! After some advice given by me regarding group bike safety rules and assurances to our new and inexperienced riders that we will always look out for and wait for them at crossroads and T junctions we started on our roller coaster journey towards Hawridge Common via  Latimer for lunch.

With some tired legs after some steep hills and with empty stomachs we arrived at the 'Full Moon' pub looking forward to tucking in to some pub grub only to discover there was 'nobody at the inn'! It was closed for refurbishment - what lunacy!

Many times on previous cycle rides I have used this pub and with it's large garden area I've had no trouble ever getting served after arriving
unannounced with a group of cyclists. No need to panic as with my knowledge of the area I decided the best and only real option was to cycle on to Wendover, where we were heading toward anyway, and where we would have a choice of pubs and cafes to eat in.

With a well sated and a happy group of full bodied fit cyclists we were now ready for the last part of our journey via The Lees and a very short and steep climb up to Little Pender to see our ride finish up and down along a beautiful ridge with stunning views before arriving into Chesham as dark clouds gathered. Just as we entered the stration it started to rain - phew!

Lesson learned from leading this * ride:  ALWAYS check and phone the the pub beforehand Brian!
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